Oct. 3rd, 2007

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The Black Pearl sails on through the endless seas of the Locker, its main deck a regular bustle of crew labouring under the command of two captains, both determined to stake their claim on the vessel.

The crew themselves are active and enthusiastic, spurned by the thrill of rescue and the need to learn a ship few of them have sailed on before. It's only below decks, in the hold, that any peace can be found, away from the ready ears of pirates.
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The sun beats mercilessly down on the bone-white desert below, as well as on the black ship with black sails that lies beached in the middle of it.

There are no clouds; no water, no wind. No movement.

(Nothing lives here.)

No sound--


A single peanut lies on a plate balanced on the ship's rail. Rings flash in the cruel bleached light as brown fingers nimbly tuck a clean scrap of cloth into the wearer's collar. Jack Sparrow carefully stabs the peanut with a fork, then glances around warily before lifting it to his mouth.


Startled, Jack topples over backwards, still trying desperately to taste the single morsel of food.

As Jack falls to the deck, Captain Jack Sparrow blows the smoke from his pistol and shoves it back into his belt, grinning with feral triumph as he stalks over.

"My peanut."

Having claimed his own, he turns and snaps an order to

(There's no one here.)

his crew, watching critically as (no one) Jack hurries to swab the deck, while (nobody) Jack scrambles aloft into the rigging and (nothing) Jack lies bleeding to death upon the deck.


(No one's there. No one else speaks. He's alone.)

(Then again-- Jack Sparrow's never alone. Not any more.)
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It's a long, unpleasant fall from the edge of the world into Davy Jones' Locker, there's no question at all of that.

And it's a truly ragtag group that eventually finds its way one by one up onto the beach. Still, despite the fact that they're all half-drowned and bedraggled, they're doing better by far than their ship.

That unfortunate vessel's washing up on the beach as well-- in pieces.


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